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DevSecCon & MyDevSecOps Now Under the Same Roof

October 6, 2020

Sharone Zitzman

It’s been quite a few months since we last communicated with you, and we wanted to share some updates from the community.

In the time since DevSecCon24 we’ve been hard at work to make our community even better, together.

With the onset of COVID-19 we had to rethink the way we foster our communities, without the dependability of our conferences to bring us together.  It was this catalyst that led us to realize we have two excellent DevSecOps communities, focused on the same content, that are two parts of the same puzzle. The MyDevSecOps community, built around learning and digital interaction, would be an added benefit for the DevSecCon global event series, and would enable our community to continue to engage and connect in this new normal.

We are excited to be integrating these two communities into one place all under the DevSecCon community brand, at that will bring all of the goodness of the DevSecCon community together with the awesome digital community built at  This means that you’ll be able to find out more about your favorite in-person & virtual events, read excellent blog posts, listen to the Secure Developer podcast, access resources and more all from the same place.

At Snyk, since acquiring the DevSecCon community, our mission has been to sustain it in the long-term & ensure it continues to flourish, grow, evolve and foster new DevSecOps initiatives and collaboration.

Some of the new collaboration opportunities in the newly launched website include enabling the community to submit blog posts, add community events to the DevSecCon calendar, suggest podcast ideas and talk proposals for community and flagship events.

So join us, and start contributing and sharing from your expertise and knowledge, it’s the people in the community that make it a communityso we’d love to amplify your voice and be even better together.


So what does this mean for me, will I need to do anything to be able to participate in this new community?

No! We have done the heavy lifting for you – and have merged both of these excellent communities into one website and Slack. The MyDevSecOps Slack has been renamed, but will continue to run from the same workspace, and all of the content, newsletters and other resources have been merged together so you can find all your DevSecOps favorites easily.


What does this mean in terms of Snyk involvement in the community?

Snyk will continue to maintain an inclusive and welcoming community for all who would like to participate, and maintain the technical vibe of the DevSecCon community focused on DevSecOps, Application Security, Cloud Native Security, and more.  Snyk will continue to back the community and be the driving force behind curating, moderating, and producing the content and events, however we do welcome community contributions through blog posts, talk submissions, event sharing, and more – so if you are interested, please do reach out to find out how you can join the community team.

Find more FAQs here, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


News & Updates
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