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DevSecCon is the global community dedicated to DevSecOps to help implement security in the overall development process. If you’re a security enthusiast & you want to learn more about how to better secure your team, then check out our community & resources.

The new DevSecCon community navigation will enable you quick access to the in-person DevSecCon events, alongside resources from the MyDevSecOps (the Secure Developer) community – podcast, blog posts, virtual events and more. So feel free to check it out!


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DevSecCon is a global conference with Summits & Day events across the globe. Our mission is to bring the Dev, Sec & Ops community together to share thought-provoking, and meaningful content. Join our conferences and virtual events, and be sure to submit yours to the community calendar!


Do you want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the DevSecOps community — AppSec through Cloud Native Sec and everything in between? Then check out our content guild for videos podcasts, blog posts and more.


The Secure Developer provides insight into how companies like Segment, New Relic, Auth0, Slack, PagerDuty, Optimizely, OneMedical and more… do security properly

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