DevSecOps Leadership Awards, bigger and better.

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We're thrilled to return once again, celebrating and acknowledging outstanding individuals, teams, and communities for their exceptional contributions to the fields of tools, methodologies, culture, and the DevSecOps community.


This year, we introduced two new award categories, expanding the total to five.

Inspiring DevSecOps Individual of 2024

This award recognizes visionary individuals who have made significant strides, propelling the DevSecOps industry and community forward through their exceptional achievements.

Most Effective DevSecOps Team Of 2024

We pay tribute to teams that have achieved remarkable advancements, fostering robust DevSecOps solutions, driving transformative changes, or nurturing a culture of excellence within their organizations.

Outstanding DevSecOps Community Of 2024

We commend those who have shown unwavering dedication and have made invaluable contributions in the realms of education and community-building through DevSecOps meetups, programs, and events.

DevSecCon Chapter Award of 2024

This award is presented to the leaders of DevSecCon Chapters who have demonstrated exceptional growth and accomplishments while nurturing their respective chapters.

Snyk Ambassador Award of 2024

We acknowledge the remarkable efforts of Snyk Ambassadors who have played a pivotal role in raising security awareness within the community, exemplifying impressive growth and success in their endeavors.

Past winners

Congratulations to all of our nominees, finalists, and winners through the years.


Antonio Juanilla

Inspiring DevSecOps Individual

Antonio's visionary thinking and educational outreach have made him a key influencer, ensuring security's integral role in development and enhancing digital safety across borders. His impact on secure development is unparalleled.



Outstanding DevSecOps Team

ClearBank excels in secure scaling through robust DevSecOps, showcased by their automated Secure Software Development Lifecycle on Microsoft Azure Pipelines.


Practical DevSecOps

Outstanding DevSecOps Community

Practical DevSecOps proactive efforts in championing inclusion and diversity within DevSecOps have created accessible opportunities for all backgrounds. Their commitment to nurturing a more secure, agile, and skilled DevSecOps community makes them a standout for the Community Award.


DSC Brazil, Bahia

DevSecCon Chapter Award

Awarded to Paulo César lima Silva for his remarkable commitment to the chapter program and community shines through a consistent flow of engaging community events and conversations.


Hung Ngo

Snyk Ambassador Award

Hung, a Cyber Security Engineer at PwC, Snyk Ambassador, and DevSecCon Czechia Chapter Lead, was the most active Snyk Ambassador this year. His standout initiative involved sharing code snippets on LinkedIn, allowing the audience to spot security issues.


Manikandan Thangamani

Inspiring DevSecOps Individual

Mani has been involved in implementing and testing a solution guiding application teams and helping to build and manage secure containerised services in the cloud by adhering to security policies and industry best practices.


Citi Bank Application Security team

Effective DevSecOps Team

James Holland, Director Of Application Security and his team at Citi Bank for their innovative work around dealing with open source software supply chain issues at scale.


Hacking With Farah

Outstanding DevSecOps Community

Farah Hawa is the face behind the community she built. She is strongly communicating and advancing for security and DevSecOps related practices. She's an inspiration as an individual in cybersecurity.


Tanya Janca

Inspiring DevSecOps Individual

Tanya is a renowned speaker, leader and influencer in the DevSecOps space and has been recognised for her amazing mentorship to the entire DevSecOps community. Through her WeHackPurple education initiative, she is helping so many students and companies in improving security.


CNCF SIG-Security Team

Effective DevSecOps Team

Who are working on testing, securing and advocating for security best practices on most of the Cloud Native software that runs the Cloud and Cloud Native applications. They are responsible for the Cloud Native Security Day co-located events during KubeCon and also the first Kubernetes-only based CTF at KubeCon North America.


OWASP Dev Slop Team

Outstanding DevSecOps Community

For the great content and events they organise every week. From awesome speakers to free workshops that are very welcoming to all levels of knowledge. This OWASP DevSlop project is led by some amazing female leaders from across the globe and includes an inclusive community of people that want to learn about AppSec together.

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These awards are truly about celebrating the dedication and passion that individuals, companies, and communities have to make the software world more secure.

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