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We’re moving to Discord

January 24, 2022

Sam Hepburn

When Snyk joined the DevSecCon family back in 2019, we were excited to maintain a vendor-neutral home dedicated to growing and strengthening the DevSecOps community. 

We committed to strengthening the conferencing series whilst growing a rich, inclusive online community. Whilst the global pandemic has had a huge impact on our in-person events we saw our global community flourish. Just over 3 years later, we are a thriving global community of over 10k members. 

We launched a chapter program to not only help us connect during the pandemic but bring DevSecOps learnings to every part of the globe, regardless of location, financial status, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, empowering us to be truly inclusive. We have now grown this program to 8 chapters globally and counting. 

In our efforts to continuously improve we are proud to announce starting now, we’re moving our DevSecCon community to Discord in order to support our increasing scale. 

Why are we moving? 

There is a number of things we’ll be getting by migrating to Discord that will help our community flourish: 

  • Inclusivity – Mandating that you, our community, accept the code of conduct ensures the DevSecOps community continues to be a more inclusive environment and safe for everyone. 
  • Greater Capability – Leveraging Discord’s native streaming capabilities allows us to all meet in one place by embedding our live events.  
  • Discoverability – The open nature of Discord allows our community to find us! Bringing together a wider group of humans who are passionate about making the world a more secure place. 

To get started and connect with the largest group of DevSecOps practitioners worldwide, please join our new Discord server and get active in whatever channels catch your eye! We’d love for you to be part of the community! 

Sam Hepburn

Senior Manager, Global Communities at Snyk

About Sam Hepburn

Sam has spent the past decade in London becoming a well-known face of the tech startup scene. Working with a variety of organisations within London and now globally building some of the largest tech communities in the world. Her main aim is to create environments for individuals to feel welcome and for communities to flourish.

She’s currently leading the community team at including DevSecCon helping developers adopt security into their development workflows. She is the producer of The Secure Developer podcast and on the Steering committee for Devoxx UK. 


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