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Why Devsecops?

About the DevSecCon community

A safe and inclusive space for developers, operations, and security practitioners of all levels to make friends and improve their craft.

We bring together the brightest minds in DevSecOps to learn, discuss, and build the future of developer security.

The industry challenge

IT security has never been more critical. But with businesses demanding quick software release cycles, security is too often an afterthought, compressed into a reduced timeframe, with disastrous consequences. But with a DevSecOps approach, you don't need to sacrifice security for speed.

A new perspective

DevSecOps is a new discipline that merges development, operations, and security via intense collaboration, tooling, and techniques. Together, these three core competencies can continuously build security into the development lifecycle without impacting critical deadlines and delaying release cycles.


Security and community

DevSecCon is the community for developers, operations, and security practitioners that care about their craft and want to find ways to build secure software better. Community members learn how to implement security in the development process, ensure secure continuous delivery, automate and monitor security processes and create an inclusive and collaborative culture between DevOps and security.


add What is DevSecCon?

DevSecCon is a community consisting of conferences and events dedicated to the bleeding edge of secure development. We aim to provide a source of inspiration, education, and networking opportunities. Our events are packed with top advice from new and seasoned speakers alike and run worldwide.

add When did DevSecCon start?

In 2015, we hosted our first DevSecCon conference in London. It was so successful that now DevSecCon takes place in multiple locations across the globe. It’s the world’s only conference dedicated to DevSecOps – the practice of building security into development processes. Our conferences and events are packed with inspiring presentations by industry experts and networking opportunities, making it an invaluable event for anyone working in development, operations, and security.

add Who attends DevSecCon?

DevSecCon is for anybody who wants to refine their approach to secure development and delivery. Our community consists of DevOps leads, security professionals, Agile practitioners, developers, product innovation managers, pentesters, heads of platforms, sysadmins, cloud security strategists, architects, engineers, analysts, CTOs, CISOs, IT managers, consultants, directors, AppSec experts, project managers, and just about anyone that cares about building secure software.

add Who is behind DevSecCon?

The Snyk team took ownership of DevSecCon in 2019, however, DevSecCon continues to be led by community volunteers, the review committee, and a core team of DevSecOps enthusiasts. You can find the team here, and you are welcome to join us and volunteer with us!

add What is the DevSecCon community?

DevSecCon (merged with MyDevSecOps) is a community and educational resource for all things security. In this community, we bring together the best security experts to share their experiences building security into their workflows, discussing tools that can help, and reviewing good and bad practices seen in the real world. The community is a safe and inclusive space for developers to learn about application security whether they are new to the topic or have been working in the security space for years.

add Where did this community come from?

This community is the merger of two of the leading DevSecOps communities globally: the Secure Developer community (later called MyDevSecOps) and the DevSecCon global event series. In early 2016, the team at Snyk founded the Secure Developer Podcast to arm developers and AppSec teams with better ways to upgrade their security posture. A few years later, Snyk also acquired the DevSecCon global event series to invest in its long-term growth. We aim to grow DevSecCon into a thriving ecosystem of knowledge — both digitally and at in-person events.

add Why do we need this community & what do I do here?

DevSecCon believes that community can’t be maintained or sustained through once-a-year events — it’s a year-round thing. Most of us would agree it’s important to build security into our development process, but how do we accomplish this? Connecting with peers at DevSecCon events or DevSecOps meetups enables us to continue learning about the latest emerging trends, tools, exploits, practices, and more. We encourage you to get involved and share your expertise as well.

add Are there speaking opportunities for me?

We are always looking for speakers — seasoned and new — to present at virtual and in-person events. If you have a talk idea please write and submit a proposal.

add Are the sessions recorded and available to view after events?

All virtual events are recorded as they are streamed and then made available for on-demand viewing. We aim to record at least 25% of the sessions at our conferences.

add Are there sponsorship opportunities?

You can showcase your solutions and technologies to decision-makers, influencers, and practitioners at all levels of IT security, DevOps, and development as a DevSecCon sponsor. Contact us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.

add Is this a Snyk community for Snyk users?

No, Snyk has a separate user community that you are welcome to join if you are a Snyk user. The Snyk team powers DevSecCon to keep up the momentum and flow throughout the year while fostering a vendor-neutral space to share knowledge and best practices related to software security. Content is focused on DevSecOps, application security, cloud-native security, and any other topics related to security, and you are always welcome to contribute!

Get Involved

We are always looking for curious minds sharing their knowledge with the DevSecOps community. Apply as a speaker and position yourself in front of our awesome community.

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