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Weaving Application Security’s Scale

with Elie Saad


Application Security has been on a high growth journey with various brandings and ways of working. A challenge that is always encountered is the scaling problem across an organization. Companies, as expected, go through the consultants shift, turning AppSec engineers into mise-en-place subject matter experts, detaching them from engineering and other departments’ dynamics. In this talk, I’ll discuss a different version of scaling, a version where AppSec acts as the enabler for the wider business through weaving partnerships. Before getting to this, the talk will take the audience through AppSec’s growth journey.

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Elie Saad

Application Security Engineer at Auth0

About Elie Saad

Elie Saad, a seasoned Application Security (AppSec) engineer, is known for his leadership in the cybersecurity field. He has led and co-authored multiple projects for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), establishing himself as an industry expert. Elie’s unique focus is on the human element in security, recognizing its critical role in safeguarding digital environments.

Beyond his professional achievements, Elie is an enthusiastic gym-goer and a passionate home chef, always seeking to turn his kitchen creations into delightful culinary experiences. His multifaceted approach to life mirrors his dedication to strengthening cybersecurity while savoring life’s simple pleasures.

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