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DSC India

The ownership battle between Engineering & Infosec

with Komal Preet Kaur


Komal Preet, Security Engineering Lead at Jumio Corporation, joins us for DSC India!

While shiftleft/DevSecOps are buzz words that are loosely used today everywhere, its success boils down to how effectively the ownership battle between the Engineering teams and the security teams is resolved. No matter how many tools you integrate far left, the ultimate test of faith comes in deciding effectively who consumes the results and who acts on them.


Komal Preet Kaur

Security Engineering Lead at Jumio Corporation

About Komal Preet Kaur

With over a decade of experience in product security, Komal has worked on wide range of products, from smart cars to applications and almost everything in between. In her current role, Komal is leading the security engineering team at Jumio Corporation for building DevSecOps, application & infrastructure security function.

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