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Supply Chain Security Feautures for Dart and Flutter projects on Github

with Antony Wugoma Mwakiacha


This insightful talk is focused on enhancing the integrity and security of Dart and Flutter projects hosted on GitHub. This session will guide developers in implementing measures to verify source code authenticity, validate dependencies, and proactively monitor for potential vulnerabilities. By adopting these practices, attendees will gain practical insights into fortifying their projects, ensuring a robust security posture and resilience against emerging threats.


Antony Wugoma Mwakiacha

Coding Instructor | Mentor at Pwaniteknowgalz

About Antony Wugoma Mwakiacha

Antony Wugoma Mwakiacha, an accomplished website developer, brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of technology with a specialized focus on Django and Flutter mobile app development. Currently serving as a Coding Instructor at Pwaniteknowgalz, Antony is deeply passionate about fostering tech communities and contributing to the growth of aspiring developers.

With a strong foundation in Django development, Antony has demonstrated his proficiency in creating robust and dynamic web solutions. His skills extend seamlessly into the mobile app domain, where he excels as a Flutter mobile app developer, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to craft engaging and innovative applications.

In his role as a Coding Instructor at Pwaniteknowgalz, Antony is dedicated to imparting knowledge and empowering the next generation of developers, particularly focusing on inclusivity and diversity in the tech space. His commitment to education extends beyond formal channels, as he actively engages with tech communities like Flutteristas and American Spaces, contributing to the collaborative spirit that defines these groups.

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