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DSC India

Software Supply Chain Attacks

with Antara Mane


DevSecCon India hosted Antara Mane, Information Security Vertical Head at xBiz Techventures, for their March event!

Software Supply Chain Attacks: As we all know, software supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common. It is essential that we understand their nature and the ways to prevent them. In light of this, Antara will be joining us to talk about software supply chain attacks.

She covered the following topics:

  • What are software supply chain attacks?
  • Why are they becoming more prevalent?
  • Types of software supply chain attacks
  • Examples of recent software supply chain attacks
  • Best practices to prevent software supply chain attacks

Please watch if you’d like to better understand the risks associated with software supply chain attacks.

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Antara Mane

Information Security Vertical Head at xBiz Techventures

About Antara Mane

Antara is a passionate Information, Network Security professional, Pen-Tester/Trainer/Speaker, and Researcher. She enjoys the opportunities that her work gives her in this area and explores all other worldwide opportunities. She is leading a team of around 12+ people and she motivates her team to be continuously engaged in developing their expertness. She has conducted vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on various Webs, Networks, mobile apps, APIs, and Cloud env and is experienced in identifying potential threats and ensuring the security of network systems.

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