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Securing Serverless: AWS Lambda and Resilient Architectures

with Jacob Moracha


In this comprehensive presentation, the primary focus is on the pivotal role of integrating security as a core and intrinsic component within AWS Lambda-based architectures. The talk unfolds an array of practical approaches and strategies, providing attendees with valuable insights into establishing robust security frameworks within serverless systems.

One of the key aspects explored in-depth is the utilization of environment variables as a means to handle and safeguard sensitive data within AWS Lambda environments. Delving into best practices and real-world examples, the talk elucidates how the secure management of sensitive information, such as API keys and credentials, through environment variables, contributes to the overall resilience and integrity of serverless applications.

Moreover, the presentation goes beyond the theoretical aspects, offering actionable guidance on implementing automated compliance checks within AWS Lambda architectures. Attendees will gain practical knowledge on leveraging automation tools to enforce and monitor compliance with security policies, ensuring that serverless systems adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Jacob Moracha

Developer at Zufu

About Jacob Moracha

Jacob Moracha is a dedicated software engineer who fervently champions inclusive app development. Possessing a wealth of experience in the realms of React Native and cloud computing, Jacob stands at the forefront of technological advancements. His commitment extends beyond mere proficiency, as he actively strives to share practical insights and catalyze innovation within the expansive development community. With a deep-seated belief in the power of collaboration and inclusivity, Jacob Moracha is not just a skilled professional but a visionary force propelling the evolution of app development towards greater accessibility and creativity.

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