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Pod Security Policy is Dead, Long Live…?

with Chris Nesbitt-Smith


What are Pod Security Policies? What do you mean, they are deprecated? What am I going to do?! Don’t worry, there are answers.

In this enlightening video, Chris Nesbitt-Smith delves into the world of Pod Security Policies, shedding light on their significance and how they’ve become deprecated. If you’re wondering what steps to take next, fear not, as Chris provides valuable insights and solutions to navigate this evolving landscape. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting in the field, this video promises to leave you with answers and a clearer understanding of the path forward.

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Chris Nesbitt-Smith

Digital Transformation Consultant

About Chris Nesbitt-Smith

A developer at heart with a passion for testing, while still active in the open source community.
Chris has been using and abusing Kubernetes since 0.4 in production, in government, for citizen facing services; he’s worked extensively in critical national infrastructure where “matters of life or death” is not just a flippant throwaway comment. Chris provides training and consulting to many UK & US Government departments, large multinational private sector enterprises, and large charities.
Through all of this Chris has seen a lot of organizational and technical disfunction (not all of his own making) and in inefficiencies, and wants to you join him in fixing them.

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