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DSC Hungary

Manage Secrets with HashiCorp Vault

with Madhu Kumar Yeluri


During the final DevSecCon Hungary event, Madhu delivered an informative presentation on effectively managing secrets using HashiCorp Vault. Vault serves as a reliable tool for securely accessing and handling sensitive information. With its capabilities, it allows for the secure storage and precise control of access to various elements such as tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets within contemporary computing environments.



Madhu Kumar Yeluri

Principal Cloud Architect at T-Systems International

About Madhu Kumar Yeluri

Madhu is a qualified Principal Cloud Architect and DevSecOps Consultant with over 21 years of IT experience working across multiple regions including Asia, Middle East, the US, Europe and the UK. He is helping many customers transform their business using the cloud. He is leading diverse teams to driving change and deliver business value at scale.

A certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect and Security Specialist. Product lead for Container services (Docker, K8s, AWS ECS and EKS). He has worked with many Cloud Partners/Providers (AWS, Rackspace, Wipro, Google, Oracle, Azure, IBM and Vodafone) and successfully managed and implemented multiple Cloud migration projects replacing business-critical core legacy systems across the Telecom, Financial, Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Government sectors.

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