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DSC Dallas

Detect and Defend: Falco in DevSecOps

with Charles Brewington


DevSecCon Dallas hosted their very first event! Check out the recording with Charles Brewington, Architect at Sysdig, for a session on using Falco to enhance your DevSecOps environment!


Detect and Defend: Falco in DevSecOps

Join us for a comprehensive introduction to Falco, the open-source runtime security tool designed to enhance your DevSecOps environment. In this talk, you’ll learn how Falco works and its role in protecting your Kubernetes environment. We’ll also showcase a live demo on how to detect a cryptominer using Falco, followed by a Q&A session to further explore the capabilities of Falco and discuss its potential applications in your security operations.


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Charles Brewington

Architect at Sysdig

About Charles Brewington

Charles is an enterprise architect, specializing in container security, DevSecOps, and CNAP technologies. He helps enterprises understand their microservice environment and is involved in educating the community on Falco and it’s capabilities. 

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