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Deploying a DBLess web app with React and Auth0 Actions

with Ben Dechrai


Using open-source tools and cloud services means we can launch a minimal viable product based on years of well-tested code in mere hours. In this abridged version of a longer workshop by the same name, Ben Dechrai from Auth0 will show you how to create a new React JS single-page application, host it and some lambda functions on Netlify, and add Auth0 and Stripe to handle the vast majority of the functionality. No additional database will be required to get this fully functional web store up and running!


Ben Dechrai

Developer Advocate at Auth0

About Ben Dechrai

Ben Dechrai is a technologist with a staunch focus on security and privacy. This started at the age of 11, when he wrote software to stop his parents from breaking the family PC, and resulted in his working as a developer advocate for Auth0. He enjoys helping developers find the joy of experimentation, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @bendechrai.

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