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CyberSecurity Compliance Frameworks

with Paulo César lima Silva, Rafael Martinez


On the same trajectory of technological evolution that continually enhances organizational processes, it becomes imperative to delve into the nature of “CyberSecurity Compliance Frameworks” and understand their importance. These frameworks, comprising essential guidelines, play a fundamental role in addressing and mitigating challenges presented by cyber risks. As the digital landscape evolves, these frameworks constitute a structured approach, offering a comprehensive set of principles to ensure compliance and reinforce cybersecurity measures. Recognizing their crucial role becomes essential for navigating the intricate terrain of cybersecurity, protecting organizations against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

** This event was held in Portuguese. **

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Paulo César lima Silva

Cyber Security Engineer at Nova8 Cybersecurity

About Paulo César lima Silva

Paulo has solid experiences in the areas of Technology, Systems, Projects and Business, working in the survey of customer and business needs, development and implementation of technological and innovative solutions focused on efficiency, treatment and analysis of business data, preparation of tools and integration of systems for improving management and decision making.

Rafael Martinez

Application Security Specialist at Nova8 Cybersecurity

About Rafael Martinez

Profissional especializado em gerenciamento de projetos e equipes de desenvolvimento seguro, com ampla experiência em treinamentos, ferramentas e práticas de Application Security, possui MBA em Defesa Cibernética.

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