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A Glimpse into DevSecOps

with Elijah Bus


Embark on an in-depth exploration of DevSecOps as we take a significant step forward, delving into the intricacies of building a NodeJS service while closely examining the integral role that security plays throughout the entire development and deployment lifecycle.

Throughout this enlightening session, we will not only construct a NodeJS service but also unravel the layers of security considerations that are paramount in today’s dynamic technological landscape. From the initial stages of development to the final deployment phase, participants will gain an understanding of how security principles can be woven into each facet of the software development process.

The presentation will go beyond the theoretical realm, offering practical insights into implementing robust security measures within the context of a NodeJS service. Attendees will witness firsthand the application of security best practices, ranging from secure coding methodologies to the incorporation of encryption protocols, ensuring that the service is fortified against potential vulnerabilities.

Moreover, this session will address the significance of continuous security testing and its integration into the development pipeline. By adopting a proactive approach, participants will learn how to identify and mitigate security risks at every stage, promoting a culture of resilience and responsiveness to emerging threats.


Elijah Bus

Founder at DevDus.Dev

About Elijah Bus

Meet Elijah Bus, the dedicated Founder of DevDus.Dev, on a mission to equip developers with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in production environments. Elijah’s passion lies in fostering awareness and proficiency among developers, recognizing the pivotal role these elements play in navigating the complexities of real-world development scenarios.

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