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2FA in 2020 and Beyond

with Kelley Robinson


This talk will explore the modern landscape of 2FA. With a data-driven analysis of the tradeoffs between different types of factors, we’ll dive into a comparison of cryptographic security strength and UX for methods like SMS, Soft Tokens, Push Authentication, and WebAuthn.


Access Control

Kelley Robinson

Account Security at Twilio

About Kelley Robinson

Kelley works on the Account Security team at Twilio, helping developers manage and secure customer identity in their software applications. Previously she worked in a variety of API platform and data engineering roles at startups. Her research focuses on authentication user experience and design trade-offs for different risk profiles and 2FA channels. She believes in the power of good documentation and is passionate about making security accessible to new audiences. Kelley lives in Brooklyn, is an avid home chef, and spends too much time on Twitter.
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