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DSC Brazil, Rio De Janeiro

What they don’t tell you about security in Java projects & Deploy with pull flow vs. push flow!



February 15, 2023


7pm BRT




Questions? Join the conversation on Discord channel #português-devsecon-discussions

About the event:

**This session will be held in Portuguese***

O que não te contam sobre segurança em projetos Java!
Considerações e aspectos de desenvolvimento seguro quando falamos de projetos que utilizam a stack Java.

Deploy com fluxo puxado x fluxo empurrado! O que importa para a segurança?
Compreendendo as diferenças de segurança entre fluxo de deploy puxado e empurrado na implementação DevSecOps.

What they don’t tell you about security in Java projects!
Considerations and aspects of secure development when we talk about projects that use the Java stack.

Deploy with pull flow vs. push flow! What matters for security?
Understanding security differences between push and pull deployment flow in DevSecOps implementation.

Samuel Cruz Guimaraes

Application Security Analyst at Midway S/A

About Samuel Cruz Guimaraes

A developer embarking on the quest to master the art of creating secure applications.

Glucio Silva Campos

DevSecOps Analyst at Midway S/A

About Glucio Silva Campos

A seasoned DevSecOps practitioner embarking on a journey of development, collaboration, and ongoing education to ensure sustained security

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