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[cancelled] What IaC should I choose?




Apologies for the short notice but we will be rescheduling this event for a later date!



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About the event:

Join DevSecCon Poland for a captivating journey into the heart of IaC decision-making with our special focus: “What IaC should I choose?” In today’s dynamic landscape, the answer to this question is far from one-size-fits-all. The intricacies of context and business requirements shape this crucial choice, making it essential to navigate the sea of possibilities wisely.

Location (hybrid):


  • 6:00 PM: in-person doors open

  • 6:30 PM: Session kicks off + Live stream (Virtual viewers join in)

What IaC should I choose?

The choice of IaC tool, should depend on the context and business requirements. Sometimes Terraform will be the best tool, other times Cloudformation (in the case of AWS cloud). Not the tool is most important, but the specific business case. Which tool choose to prepare IaC for a full cloud environment? The easiest way is to use Terraform. However, after doing a full case study, final decision can be different. Join us to see business and technical aspects of choosing AWS Control Tower and Cloudformation.

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Jarosław Gołąb

DevOps Engineer at MakoLab

About Jarosław Gołąb

In 2006, my journey into the realm of IT commenced. I initially delved into ERP system implementations and website development. Between 2007 and 2019, I focused on offering IT outsourcing services to small businesses, delivering comprehensive solutions during this period. These services encompassed various aspects, such as designing and setting up local networks, configuring network devices including routers, switches, and next generation firewalls, managing Windows servers, overseeing user identity, and tackling day-to-day user issues. Transitioning into 2019, I joined Atos Poland Global Services within the BDS department as a Security Engineer, serving in the IAM team. As of 2020, I have been contributing my expertise to Makolab S.A. as a DevOps/Support Engineer. In this role, my responsibilities encompass monitoring application performance, addressing incidents at the L2/L3 tier, and fostering close collaboration with development and QA teams through a DevOps methodology.

Grzegorz Sztandera

DevOps Operations Manager | Service Owner | Project Manager at MakoLab

About Grzegorz Sztandera

Manager that effectively and efficiently build DevOps & Operations Team that goes beyond the standard DevOps framework and has diverse competencies. Every day going out of the box, extending classic DevOps approach into multidimensional operations that boosts up projects and delivers highest quality. He believes that without a close-knit and cooperative team it is not possible achieve the efficiency and quality that can be reached.

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