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DSC USA, Virginia

The Time I Accidentally Ended Up Combatting Fraud for a Year



September 27, 2023


6pm ET




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About the event:

Join us for our upcoming DevSecCon Virginia event as we dive into ‘The Time I Accidentally Ended Up Combatting Fraud for a Year’ – a gripping narrative of a 20-year career’s most intense chapter, battling fraud and learning valuable lessons in the world of cybersecurity and marketplace protection.

Location (Virtual):

The Time I Accidentally Ended Up Combatting Fraud for a Year

This is the story of the most intense year of my 20 year professional career. I was the sole developer hired by a company going through a circus-like ownership transition while criminals actively worked to defraud the 300,000 users of this 14 year old, high end marketplace.

We experienced late nights, numerous technical challenges, worked with abuse response teams, learned a lot of lessons about phishing and fraud, high emotions, death threats and at least one person lost a business that depended on the site. Here’s the story from start to finish, including how to prevent many of these problems on your own site. Buckle up.

The capstone of the multi-part blog series can be found here, published in February this year.

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Barry Jones

I build, teach and help people work better together at Brightball

About Barry Jones

I’m a Fractional CTO Consultant as well as an advocate and professional instructor for DMARC, Anti-Phishing, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, SAFe and Gitlab with over 20 years industry experience.

I’m also a Clemson football fanatic.

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