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Terraform Best Practices and Secrets Management with Vault



July 28th, 2023


9am CEST



Questions? Join the conversation on Discord channel #devsecon-discussions-ūüó£

About the event:

In the first half, our guest speaker, Keerthivasan Kannan, will discuss Terraform modules and best practices. HashiCorp Terraform is a popular infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that allows users to automate the process of setting up, updating, and managing infrastructure resources.

In the second half, Madhu will discuss how to Manage Secrets with HashiCorp Vault. Vault is a tool for securely accessing secrets. Secure, store, and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets in modern computing.

09:00hrs to 09:15hrs – Welcome, Speakers Intro – Madhu (Host)
09:15hrs to 09:50hrs –¬†Terraform¬†Best Practices –¬†Keerthivasan Kannan¬†(AWS Community Builder)
09:50hrs to 10:20hrs – Manage Secrets with HashiCorp¬†Vault¬†–¬†Madhu Kumar
10:20 to 10:30hrs – Q&A

Language: English
Event Fee: Free

Level 200: Basic understanding of the fundamental scope of information technology, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Terraform, and how to manage secrets using Vault.

What you will gain: You will gain an introductory level of understanding of Terraform best practices and how to manage secrets using Vault.

Feeling lucky?? Raffle winners will receive $50 AWS Credits and FREE HashiCorp Terraform, Consul, and Vault exam vouchers**
(**Conditions apply: participants who participated in the chat more actively, asked questions, and filled out the feedback form after the event. **For HashiCorp exam vouchers, there are also other conditions; please check the feedback form at the time of the event)

Keerthivasan Kannan

Infra Engineer at Mindera

About Keerthivasan Kannan

Vasan, an experienced IT professional with eight years in the industry, specializes in cloud technologies and is recognized as a dedicated cloud evangelist. With a firm belief in the transformative power of cloud computing, Vasan strives to drive innovation and operational efficiency through his expertise. He holds five AWS certifications, solidifying his comprehensive understanding of Amazon Web Services and its expansive ecosystem. Additionally, Vasan is a certified Terraform Associate, showcasing his proficiency in infrastructure as code. Beyond his professional pursuits, Vasan has a genuine passion for sharing knowledge and fostering a vibrant tech community. Through his popular YouTube channel, “Techpechu,” which is in the regional language of Tamil, he has cultivated an active subscriber base of 9000. Vasan’s channel delivers informative and engaging content tailored to the needs of Tamil-speaking individuals who are eager to expand their technical knowledge. Join Vasan at his upcoming meetup to explore the world of cloud computing and discover new avenues for technological growth.

Madhu Kumar Yeluri

Principal Cloud Architect at T-Systems International

About Madhu Kumar Yeluri

Madhu is a qualified Principal Cloud Architect and DevSecOps Consultant with over 21 years of IT experience working across multiple regions including Asia, Middle East, the US, Europe and the UK. He is helping many customers transform their business using the cloud. He is leading diverse teams to driving change and deliver business value at scale.

A certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect and Security Specialist. Product lead for Container services (Docker, K8s, AWS ECS and EKS). He has worked with many Cloud Partners/Providers (AWS, Rackspace, Wipro, Google, Oracle, Azure, IBM and Vodafone) and successfully managed and implemented multiple Cloud migration projects replacing business-critical core legacy systems across the Telecom, Financial, Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Government sectors.

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