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DSC Netherlands

Stranger Danger: Your Node.js Attack Surface Just Got Bigger



June 15, 2022


6pm CEST


Details coming soon


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About the event:

Check out our June DSC Netherlands event with Liran Tal, and learn best practices for protecting your applications!

Building Node.js applications today mean that we take a step further from writing code and using open-source dependencies to also creating a Dockerfile, deploying containers to the cloud, and orchestrating this infrastructure with Kubernetes. Welcome, you’re a cloud native application developer! As developers, our responsibility broadened, and more software means more software security concerns for us to address.

Join me for a hands-on Node.js cloud native live-hacking session, to show common threats, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Most importantly, we’ll also show how you can protect your application with actionable remediation and best practices for each exploit we demonstrate.

🗣️ Join the DevSecOps Community on our Discord channel to discuss this talk with other security-focused practitioners! 

Liran Tal

Developer Advocate at Snyk

About Liran Tal

A GitHub Star, recognized for activisim in open source communities and advancing web and Node.js security. Member of the Node.js Foundation ecosystem security working group, Project lead and contributor to the OWASP Foundation, and Developer Advocate at Snyk.

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