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Securing software that will change the world



August 3rd, 2023


4pm AEST




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About the event:

We are thrilled to welcome Laura Bell Main, CEO of SafeStack, to the stage at DevSecCon Australia this August. Laura, a seasoned cybersecurity expert, is no stranger to the complexities of safeguarding digital ecosystems. In her talk, “Securing Software That Will Change the World,” she will share her invaluable insights, gained through interviews with 1000 engineers worldwide.

Location (Virtual):

📢 Securing software that will change the world
There has never been a more exciting time for us to be building software. From fashion to e-commerce, gaming to energy generation – we are building incredible systems no matter where you look. Many of these technologies will improve the world, and as a software developer, I couldn’t be more excited.

However, I find myself conflicted as a cyber security person; it’s not like we have an excellent track record in securing this space so far.

I have concluded that to secure the future; we need to embrace it and understand it. (how hard could it be?). So I started collecting stories and interviewing 1000 engineers worldwide. The stories of the systems we dream of building and the nightmare that cyber security could pose if we don’t get it right, and how we could address that issue.

In this talk, we will look at these amazing technologies, their stories, and, most importantly, what we need to change if we are going to protect the software that will change the world.

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Laura Bell Main

CEO at SafeStack

About Laura Bell Main

With over twenty years of experience in software development and information security, Laura Bell Main specializes in bringing security into organizations of every shape and size.

She is the co-founder and CEO of SafeStack, an online education platform offering flexible, high-quality, and people-focused secure development training for fast-moving companies, focusing on building security skills, practices, and culture across the entire engineering team.

Laura is an experienced conference speaker, trainer, and regular panel member and has spoken at various events such as BlackHat USA, Velocity, and OSCON on the subjects of privacy, covert communications, agile security, and security mindset.

She is also the co-author of Agile Application Security and Security for Everyone.

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