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DSC India

Scrum Master’s Way in Planning Chaos



December 16, 2022


5pm IST




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About the event:

Today’s world is full of uncertainty and that’s reflects to our daily work. Scrum is teaching us to organize and Agility is teaching us to deal with uncertainties. Sometimes people think that Agility is to avoid pre planning and only react to the situations which will not work and become chaotic. We have to share the goals, targets and roadmaps to the stakeholders, sometimes they comes with the date. So how can we do that with all the uncertainties around us? Planning is not required at all or it becomes more critical and essential. Let’s figure it out in this session.

Wajih Aslam

Project Manager at Royal Cyber Inc.

About Wajih Aslam

Wajih Aslam is an experienced Scrum Master who is an expert in modern-day agile techniques which are helpful for organizations to maximize the flow of value to the customer and clients. He believes that lean and agile principles and practices can be helpful to build an environment, mindset, and culture which leads to continuous improvement in people, process, and products.

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