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Policy as [versioned] Code: Embrace Continuous Policy Management



September 21, 2023


12pm CEST




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About the event:

Join us for an enlightening session on “Policy as [versioned] Code” by Chris at DevSecCon Germany, where we’ll explore the origins of policy inception, its challenges, and how adopting a software development pattern can enable continuous updates, swift risk mitigation, and easy compliance measurement. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your organization’s policy management practices.

Location (Virtual):

Policy as [versioned] code
In this talk Chris will trace back the origins of how policies are often incepted, how it can get out of hand, be slow if not impossible to update and measure compliance, and often lead us to question of **is the policy helping or hindering**.
From this talk you’ll learn how to use a software development pattern and product ways of thinking towards how your organization can manage policy; achieve continual updates to policy allowing the risk mitigations to move as fast as the risk does, not get in the way and be easy to measure compliance.

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Chris Nesbitt-Smith

Digital Transformation Consultant

About Chris Nesbitt-Smith

A developer at heart with a passion for testing, while still active in the open source community.
Chris has been using and abusing Kubernetes since 0.4 in production, in government, for citizen facing services; he’s worked extensively in critical national infrastructure where “matters of life or death” is not just a flippant throwaway comment. Chris provides training and consulting to many UK & US Government departments, large multinational private sector enterprises, and large charities.
Through all of this Chris has seen a lot of organizational and technical disfunction (not all of his own making) and in inefficiencies, and wants to you join him in fixing them.

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