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Evaluating security within a Go-centric DevOps environment



April 24, 2024






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About the event:

In this session, the primary objective is to evaluate the security framework within a DevOps environment that predominantly employs the Go programming language. The discussion entails a comprehensive examination of security aspects encompassing code integrity, infrastructure robustness, data protection, and adherence to regulatory standards. As a DevOps specialist, the focus lies on scrutinizing existing security measures, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and implementing robust security protocols across the software development lifecycle. This encompasses the integration of security tools, automation frameworks, and compliance checks into the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. Furthermore, discussions may revolve around threat modeling, risk assessment methodologies, security testing frameworks, incident response strategies, and continual enhancement of security practices to fortify the DevOps ecosystem.


📍 Location:  Virtual
📅 Date: 24th April, 2024
ğŸ•žTime: 12:00pm CEST
🗣️Language: ENGLISH


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Rexhino Kovaci

Devops Engineer / Tech Lead at Volkswagen with Lufthansa Industry Solutions

About Rexhino Kovaci

Rexhino Kovaci, a seasoned tech lead and solutions architect, excels in DevOps at Volkswagen with Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Specializing in Monitoring and Security, he ensures project security, driving Europe’s automotive sector forward. Recognized for his expertise, he received the ICT Albania Individual Recognition Award in 2018. With extensive experience in project monitoring, Rexhino’s adeptness in managing monitoring systems enhances project performance and solidifies his reputation as a skilled professional.


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