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DSC Brazil, Bahia

Entendendo o Cybersecurity Colour Wheel (Understanding the Cybersecurity Colour Wheel.)



October 14, 2023


5pm BRT




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About the event:

O DevSecCon Bahia, Brasil, receberá Càssio Pereira, Engenheiro de Segurança Cibernética Principal de P&D na ABB, Marcos Santos, Pesquisador de Segurança na Greenbone AG, e Paulo César Lima Silva, DSC Bahia, BZ Chapter Leader, em seu próximo evento.

Localização (Virtual):

Entendendo o Cybersecurity Color Wheel

Assim como a roda de cores convencional que os artistas usam para misturar e harmonizar tons, a roda de cores da segurança cibernética serve como uma representação simbólica dos aspectos multifacetados de proteger nosso cenário digital. Conheça, descubra e entenda mais sobre o que a roda de cores da segurança cibernética representa.

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DevSecCon Bahia, BZ is hosting Càssio Pereira, R&D Principal Cyber Security Engineer at ABB, Marcos Santos, Security Researcher at Greenbone AG, and Paulo César Lima Silva, DSC Bahia, BZ Chapter Leader, at their next event.

Location (Virtual):

Understanding the Cybersecurity Color Wheel.

Much like the conventional color wheel that artists use to blend and harmonize hues, the cybersecurity color wheel serves as a symbolic representation of the multifaceted aspects of safeguarding our digital landscape. Get to know, discover, and understand more about what the cybersecurity color wheel represents.

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Cássio Batista Pereira

Cyber Security Engineer at ABB

About Cássio Batista Pereira

Graduated in Computer Science from Federal University of Uberlândia in 2003, I started my career as a Java Web Developer consultant for Algar Telecom’s co-billing, helping them manage around R$ 3 million in shared billing per month. Next, I assumed a Java Full Stack Developer position in Borland Inc. as a consultant for the Active Debt Management System for São Paulo state, helping them streamline the implementation process for creation and validation of new debts in the system, leading and mentoring up to 7 people within a 30 people team. As a Principal Consultant in Borland, I designed and lead the implementation of an event management system for Astrazeneca’s sales team. Following that, I co-founded my own company, creating my first SaaS product based on AWS Cloud, using Java Web Development and Ext.js to help micro business in management. In association with Myfreecomm, I created my second SaaS product, an integration system to enable end users to connect their cloud services using Ruby on Rails. I have since moved to Canada and started working for Elastic Path in the e-Commerce business, where I worked with customers like Breville, Lifeway, and Intuit, receiving several company awards. Still at Elastic Path, but in the Product Development department, I lead the creation of new technologies and later on the company’s Architecture practice with team of talented collaborators.

Marcos Santos

Security Researcher at Greenbone AG

About Marcos Santos

Formação em Defesa Cibernética pela FIAP-SP, larga experiência em Application Security, atualmente atuando também como Security Researcher.

Paulo César lima Silva

Cyber Security Engineer at Nova8 Cybersecurity

About Paulo César lima Silva

Paulo has solid experiences in the areas of Technology, Systems, Projects and Business, working in the survey of customer and business needs, development and implementation of technological and innovative solutions focused on efficiency, treatment and analysis of business data, preparation of tools and integration of systems for improving management and decision making.

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