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DSC London

Empowering DevSecOps: A Journey of Risk-Driven Security & #90DaysOfDevOps Learning Resource



October 19th, 2023


6pm BST


Snyk London office, 97 Hackney Rd, London E2 8ET


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About the event:

DevSecCon London is thrilled to announce its upcoming October event, where industry-leading experts and enthusiasts will come together to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of DevSecOps. Mark your calendars for an engaging and enlightening experience!

Location (hybrid):

6:00 PM: in-person doors open
6:30 PM: Session kicks off + Live stream (Virtual viewers join in)

  • The North Star: Risk-driven security by Jonny Tyers
  • #90DaysOfDevOps – 2023, The Learning continues… by Michael Cade

8:00 PM: That’s a wrap, more drinks and networking for those attending in person
9:00 PM: In-person event ends, doors closed

The North Star: Risk-driven security by Jonny Tyers
In this session I’ll show how to get ahead of the curve on security. I’ll show our audience how to find risks and vulnerabilities in the code they write and the architectures they build.
I’ll introduce risk-first threat modelling, using business risk as the north star to drive out the threats that really matter.
The end result? A clear understanding of your most important weaknesses and where to focus on next, and a model that you can take to anyone in the business to get buy-in, funding, and support for your risk-reduction efforts.
Threat modelling is quick, easy to pick up, and provides lasting security benefits for your team and your systems, and is practical to introduce at any point in the lifecycle of a system.
At the end of this session the audience will be equipped with a modern, flexible and simple method for finding and reducing security risks, connected to the business and easily explainable to other teams, and they’ll know how they can get started.

#90DaysOfDevOps – 2023, The Learning continues… by Michael Cade
What started in 2022 with a 90-day focus diving into key areas of DevOps and documenting my journey. 2023 is here now and we had to continue this learning resource for the community.
The 2023 edition of the project focuses on the responsibilities of a role surrounded by DevSecOps processes and principles. With an emphasis on the Sec, something I missed in 2022 was the importance of Security within DevOps so we fix that here.
There is still the element of theory and hands-on for each of the 12 topics ranging from the focus on security to talking about serverless, service mesh and databases
In this session, we will take a look at this learning in a public resource that has gained over 20,000 stars on GitHub to date and still growing with contributors actively adding functionality and adding to the resource in so many ways including translating to Chinese amongst other languages.

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Jonny Tyers

Pragmatic cloud security for tech businesses

About Jonny Tyers

As a former teenage hacker, Jonny has always had a keen interest in security. He’s worked in software since the 2000s, as engineer, project lead, security architect and advisor to CISOs and CTOs.

He has worked with major UK brands including banking, e-commerce, internet-of-things, medical research and UK Defence. The data in his care has spanned from national secrets to the nation’s payment plumbing and his clients’ most sensitive intellectual property assets.

Jonny works with tech businesses who prize pragmatic security. A fan of keeping things “as simple as possible, but as complex as necessary,” Jonny applies simplicity to all his work to aid teaching and communicating.

He’s also no stranger to detail, keeping his hands dirty with his own coding daily and can speak authoritatively on the technical nitty-gritty of security as well as the high-level business view.

Michael Cade

Global Field CTO at Veeam Software

About Michael Cade

A community first technologist for Kasten by Veeam Software. Based in the UK with over 16 years of industry experience with a key focus on technologies such as cloud-native, automation & data management.

His role at Kasten is to act as a technical thought leader, community champion and project owner to engage with the community to enable influencers and customers to overcome the challenges of Cloud-Native Data Management and be successful, speaking at events sharing the technical vision and corporate strategy whilst providing ongoing feedback from the field into product management to shape the future success.

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