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DSC Italy

Dynamic Analysis of Complex Mobile Applications



November 29, 2023


6.30pm CET




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About the event:

Exciting news! Join us for DevSecCon Italy, featuring Federico Dotta, Principal Security Analyst at HN Security, and Alessandro Braccio, DevSecCon Italy Chapter Leader. They’ll showcase advanced techniques for mobile app security analysis. Learn to bypass security measures using Frida, Burp Suite, and the Brida plugin. Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your security analysis skills!


Are you interested in how to conduct a security analysis on a complex mobile application? Maybe reducing the effort without sacrificing the quality of the job? Great, you are in the right place! In this session, presented by the DevSecCon Italy’s chapter leader, Alessando Braccio and Federico Dotta, Principal Security Analyst, will analyse an Android mobile application with strong security features and will bypass all of them using Frida, Burp Suite and Brida plugin.

The talk will be highly technical, giving you an insight on how a similar task should be approached and how difficulties can be overcome, or even better skipped! We will work on a live demo of this complex scenario, bypassing all the in-place crypto protections of the traffic, in order to be able to comfortably find (and then exploit) vulnerabilities in the backend.

Finally, we will show Brida, a tool developed with a colleague of mine, and its approach to this kind of problems,aimed at minimizing the reversing and developing effort and having more time for the juicy things!

***Important noteThis event will be held in ITALIAN


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Federico Dotta

Principal Security Analyst at HN Security

About Federico Dotta

Federico Dotta is a Principal Security Analyst at HN Security, an Italian Security Advisory Company. He began his career as a penetration tester in 2009, focusing on Web and Mobile applications and on physical security. He developed many security tools, most of them publicly available on GitHub, with the purpose of helping the job of ethical hackers when handling complex situations. He presented the result of his research in Italian and international conferences, like HackInBo, Hack In The Box and Hack In Paris.

Alessandro Braccio

Senior Security Engineer at Arduino

About Alessandro Braccio

Alessandro Braccio is passionate about Product Security, in particular focus on the Application and Cloud Security field. His interests and expertise stem from DevSecOps, Cloud Security, IoT Security, OWASP Methodologies, Full-Stack Development and more! Over the last decade, he has worked as a Security Consultant, Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, Security Trainer and Full Stack Developer in a variety of companies and sectors. Currently, Alessandro works as a Senior Security Engineer at Arduino

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