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Deep Dive into Falco: Empower DevSecOps with Real-time Container Security



October 17, 2023


12pm CEST




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About the event:

DevSecCon Germany is hosting their next virtual event that’s all about Falco – the awesome runtime security tool that’s shaking up the DevSecOps scene. Containers are the big deal in modern software, right? Well, keeping them safe in real-time is the name of the game, and Falco’s here to make it happen.

So, if you’re a DevSecOps expert or just getting your feet wet, this is your chance. We’re not just talking about using Falco – we’re talking about leveling up your container security game. It’s all happening in this event; trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

Location (Virtual):

Deep Dive into Falco: Empower DevSecOps with Real-time Container Security

Are you struggling with observability inside your containers? Do you fully trust how your Kubernetes cluster is being used? Join our webinar to explore Falco’s game-changing features: Kubernetes-native, runtime security tooling, and behavior-based rule engine.

Learn how to detect threats in real-time, customize alerts, and strengthen your containerized environment’s security posture. Equip yourself with essential skills for enhancing visibility and response in modern, dynamic infrastructures.

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Vicente J. Jiménez Miras

Security Content Engineer at Sysdig

About Vicente J. Jiménez Miras

Vicente has a background as an infrastructure engineer and open-source trainer. Being a digital nomad since early in his career, he’s lived or worked in almost a hundred different locations. He also shares a passion for food, especially Indian and Asian cuisine. Vicente’s dynamic journey led him to join Sysdig in 2021 to champion cybersecurity awareness, reflecting his commitment to technological impact and knowledge sharing.

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