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Database Guardrails – new age for developers and databases



September 5th, 2023


6pm AEST




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About the event:

Join us at DevSecCon Australia for an exciting talk by Adam Furmanek, DevRel at Metis. Discover the power of “Database Guardrails – new age for developers and databases.” Learn how to integrate database guardrails early in your SDLC using OpenTelemetry for improved scalability, deployment reliability, and automated troubleshooting. Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your development game with Adam Furmanek, a seasoned software engineer. See you there!


Location (Virtual):


Database Guardrails – new age for developers and databases


You can’t deploy blindly and let your application fail. You need to prevent the bad code from reaching production, monitor your databases, and automatically troubleshoot when something is wrong. You need database guardrails, and you need them now.


The typical test suite is not enough to capture all the issues around databases. Tests do not capture long migrations, wrong configurations, slow queries that don’t scale. Load tests may capture some of them, but are far too late and too expensive. We need a new approach to our SDLC, we need to integrate database guardrails into our process as early as possible.


In this talk we are going to see how to use OpenTelemetry to improve the whole SDLC. We’ll learn how to validate our data access queries will scale, our database will not go down during the deployment, and how to automatically root cause issues across all layers of the tech stack.


Key takeaways 

  • Improving SDLC with database guardrails
  • Using OpenTelemetry in real world 
  • Getting automated observability and troubleshooting for all data access layer


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If you haven’t joined the Discord community, please do so! You can find us on Discord at:

Adam Furmanek

DevRel at Metis

About Adam Furmanek

I am Adam Furmanek, and I am a professional software engineer with over a decade of experience. In my career, I worked with all layers of software engineering and multiple types of applications, including logistics, e-commerce, machine learning, data analysis, and database management. I am always interested in digging deeper, exploring machine code, and going through implementation details to better understand the internals of the technologies I use every day. That’s why I like debugging, decompiling and disassembling the code to understand memory models, concurrency problems and other details hidden deeply inside.

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