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DSC Hungary

CIS Benchmark policies on Azure cloud and Secure access to K8s Clusters on AWS



March 20, 2023


4pm CET


Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary
Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 2, 1097


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About the event:

Join us for DSC Hungary’s March Event, with Csaba Szegedi (Senior Cloud Architect at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions), Roland Aradi (Cloud Architect at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions HU), and Madhu Kumar, your chapter leader!

In the first half, Roland Aradi will show you how to enforce CIS benchmark policies
In the second half, Csaba Szegedi will talk about securing access to your Kubernetes clusters on AWS.
In the last talk, Madhu Kumar will talk about securing containers using open source tools.

16:00hrs to 16:10hrs – Welcome, Speakers Intro – Madhu (Host)
16:10hrs to 17:00hrs – how to enforce CIS Benchmark policies using Azure Blueprints – Roland Aradi
17:00hrs to 17:40hrs – Securing access to K8s Clusters on AWS – Csaba Szegedi
17:40hrs to 18:00hrs – Securing Containers using open source tools – Madhu
18:00hrs to 18:20hrs – Q&A and networking

Language: English
Event Fee: Free

Level 200-300 (Basic understanding of the fundamental scope of information technology, Security, Containers, CIS Benchmark and Cloud concepts)

What you will gain: You will gain an introductory level of understanding of how to enforce CIS Benchmark policies using Azure Blueprints, secure access to K8s Clusters on AWS, and secure containers using open source tools.

Feeling lucky?? Raffle winners will receive $50 AWS Credits
(**Conditions apply: participants who participated in the chat more actively, asked questions, and filled out the feedback form after the event)

Please provide your feedback after the event:
Feedback Link:

Venue Details:
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary
Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 2, 1097


Csaba Szegedi

Senior Cloud Architect at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

About Csaba Szegedi

Csaba is a skilled developer with a decade of experience in the field. With extensive expertise as an AWS Solution Architect, Csaba has assisted numerous clients in developing and implementing effective solutions on Amazon Web Services. As an AWS Technical Trainer, he has trained individuals and teams to utilise AWS to its fullest potential. Passionate about community building, Csaba actively contributes to the AWS community as an AWS Community Builder. With a strong enthusiasm for coding and cloud computing, Csaba brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any project he works on.

Roland Aradi

Cloud Architect at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions HU

About Roland Aradi

Roland is a seasoned senior software engineer and cloud architect with vast experience in designing and building robust, scalable systems that solve intricate business problems. His technical proficiency in Java, Spring, .NET, C#, and Microsoft Azure enables him to devise innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
In addition to his technical skills, Roland is also a certified ethical hacker with a deep understanding of security best practices. This knowledge empowers him to create systems that are not just functional but also secure and resilient, ensuring the utmost protection for his clients.

Madhu Kumar Yeluri

Principal Cloud Architect at T-Systems International

About Madhu Kumar Yeluri

Madhu is a qualified Principal Cloud Architect and DevSecOps Consultant with over 21 years of IT experience working across multiple regions including Asia, Middle East, the US, Europe and the UK. He is helping many customers transform their business using the cloud. He is leading diverse teams to driving change and deliver business value at scale.

A certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect and Security Specialist. Product lead for Container services (Docker, K8s, AWS ECS and EKS). He has worked with many Cloud Partners/Providers (AWS, Rackspace, Wipro, Google, Oracle, Azure, IBM and Vodafone) and successfully managed and implemented multiple Cloud migration projects replacing business-critical core legacy systems across the Telecom, Financial, Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Government sectors.

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