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The New Ways of DevSecOps

with James Wickett


DevOps and the subsequent move bring security in under the umbrella of DevSecOps has created a new an ethos for security. This is good, however moving security and devops closer together in many organizations leaves us with questions of how this merge works in practice. What happens to security? To developers? And where does chaos engineering fit in? This talk highlights security’s place in DevOps and how topics ranging from empathy to chaos to system safety fit in organizations today. The hope is to uncover a new playbook for devs, ops, and security to work together.



James Wickett

Developer Advocate at Verica

About James Wickett

James spends a lot of time at the intersection of the DevOps and Security communities, and seeing the gap in software testing, James founded the open source project, Gauntlt, to serve as a Rugged Testing Framework.

James works as a Sr. Security Engineer and Developer Advocate at Verica, and is he is the author of several courses on DevOps and DevSecOps at LinkedIn Learning. His courses include DevOps FoundationsInfrastructure as CodeDevSecOps: Automated Security TestingContinuous Delivery (CI/CD)Site Reliability Engineering, and more.

James is the creator and founder of the Lonestar Application Security Conference, which is the largest annual security conference in Austin, TX. He also runs DevOps Days Austin and Serverless Days Austin. He previously served on the global DevOps Days board.

In his spare time, he is trying to learn how to make a perfect BBQ brisket.

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