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How to implement DevSecOps across the entire organisation

with Nadira Bajrei


In this session, we will talk about how you can Implementation DevSecOps in the entire organization. The DevSecOps Implementation should cover 4 main things: 1. Culture, 2. Automation, 3. Measurement, 4.Sharing. If your organization only focuses on one of these things then we can’t call it DevSecOps. Nadira will help you understand how organizations build culture and implement automation as well as how to measure what you’re doing. She’ll show you some common collaboration tools for breaking the silos between team members.


Nadira Bajrei

Nadira Bajrei

Regional Director at Hysn Technologies

About Nadira Bajrei

Nadira is Regional Director for Hysn Technologies and also Practical DevSecOps. She has extensive building and improving IT organization processes and governance in various industries. She has a diverse background in the governance area and also passionate about community building. Nadira is the founder of DevSecOps Indonesia, the largest application security community in Indonesia She has organized many events to spread security awareness. She was also nominated as a community star for being the go-to person in the community whose contribution and knowledge sharing has helped many professionals in the security industry. She is usually seen speaking in conferences like DevSecCon, DevSecOps Indonesia. Nadira held an MTI in Information technology from Indonesia University and hold ITIL and also DevOps certification. She is a person who is easily adaptable and a great team player, fast learning and has the ability to mentor.

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