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Data Driven Decisions in DevOps – Add More To Your Pipelines

with Leon Stigter


With everything going on in DevOps, I think we can safely say that building pipelines is the way to deploy your applications to production. But knowing what you deploy to production and whether it is actually okay needs more data, like security checks, performance checks, and budget checks. We’ve come up with a process for that, which we call Continuous Verification “A process of querying external systems and using information from the response to make decisions to improve the development and deployment process.” In this session, we’ll look at extending an existing CI/CD pipeline with checks for security, performance, and cost to make a decision on whether we want to deploy our app or not. Just for the record, this is NOT a sales pitch.




Secure Pipelines

Leon Stigter

Cloud Developer Advocate at VMWare

About Leon Stigter

As a Cloud Developer Advocate, Leon is very passionate and outspoken when it comes to the needs of developers because he believes developers can (help) transform their business by getting the right pieces of information to the right people at the right time in the right context. Leon is crazy about serverless and container technologies, he enjoys writing code, speaking at conferences and meetups, and blogging about that.

In his personal life, he’s on a mission to taste cheesecake in every city he visits (suggestions are welcome @retgits). As much as he loves to share his thoughts, opinions and source code with you, he will not share his cheesecake…

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