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Container Constructs, Security Observability and Cloud Security – Part 1

with Shweta Vohra


In the first part of the workshop you will learn about what are the must know constructs of Container Security (SELinux, Seccomp, Cgroup and Namespace). A container is a runtime process executed within a namespace which is resource managed by cgroups and various other LSMs and security features to ensure complete process isolation during runtime.


Shweta Vohra

Senior Architect at IBM

About Shweta Vohra

Senior Architect (IBM) and SME for Cloud, Containers and C(K)ubernetes technologies. With her over two decades of experience in various industries she is pro in designing modern systems and modernizing legacy systems that runs with efficiency and durability. She has led various application transformation projects for large customers in industry domains such as defence, automotive, healthcare and banking. Eminent speaker at various technical conferences and summits such as AWS SheBuild Summit 2021, IBM KubeSummit and CloudNative Summits/ Communities. At core she is Cloud and Kubernetes Expert, Educator, Architect, and a Learner.

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