Cloud misconfiguration detection – Runtime vs Static analysis

with Barak Schoster


Planning, provisioning, and changing infrastructure are becoming vital to rapid cloud application development. Incorporating infrastructure-as-code into software development promotes transparency and immutability and helps prevent bad configurations upstream.In this session, we cover a simple method to write, test, and maintain infrastructure at scale using policy-as-code both in build and runtime. We will go over open source projects that analyze Terraform code and AWS accounts and compare the two approaches (detection vs static analysis) using the following projects:




Cloud Security
Infrastructure as Code
Policy as Code

Barak Schoster

CTO and co-Founder at Bridgecrew

About Barak Schoster

Barak Schoster is CTO and co-Founder at Bridgecrew, working from Israel Tel Aviv, Helping teams secure cloud infrastructure. Often contributing to open source projects including Checkov, Prowler, and others. He has previously worked for RSA focused on cybersecurity machine learning and big data architecture as well as at Fortscale and IDF tech unit. When not writing code or talking about it, Barak loves to spend time at the beach and or after his kids at the park.

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