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The Secure Developer | Ep 36

Holistic Security

Peter Oehlert
with Peter Oehlert

About this episode:

In episode 36 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by Peter Oehlert of Smartsheet. They discuss holistic security approaches, understanding various categories of risk, and how the different teams in a large organization can work together to improve security.


Product Security
Security Engineering

Episode Transcript

Find the full transcription here.

Peter Oehlert

Peter Oehlert

Senior Director of Security Engineering at Smartsheet

About Peter Oehlert

Peter Oehlert is Senior Director of Security Engineering at Smartsheet. He was previously the Director of Product Security at Facebook, and also a developer at Microsoft.

The Secure Developer podcast with Guy Podjarny

About The Secure Developer

In early 2016 the team at Snyk founded the Secure Developer Podcast to arm developers and AppSec teams with better ways to upgrade their security posture. Four years on, and the podcast continues to share a wealth of information. Our aim is to grow this resource into a thriving ecosystem of knowledge.

Hosted by Guy Podjarny

Guy is Snyk’s Founder and President, focusing on using open source and staying secure. Guy was previously CTO at Akamai following their acquisition of his startup,, and worked on the first web app firewall & security code analyzer. Guy is a frequent conference speaker & the author of O’Reilly “Securing Open Source Libraries”, “Responsive & Fast” and “High Performance Images”.

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