Avi Douglen

Security Architect and Developer, Bounce Security
DevSecCon Tel Aviv 2018 speaker

Avi Douglen

Security Architect and Developer, Bounce Security
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AviD is a high-end, independent security architect and developer, and has been designing, developing and testing secure applications, and leading development teams in building secure products, for close to 20 years. My research interests include efficient security engineering, relationship between usability and security, and scalable enterprise security systems.

For the past X years, I’ve been working as a software security consultant, supporting organizations of all sizes in integrating security methodologies and products into their development processes. Now leading a small boutique consultancy, I spend a lot of time with development teams, often providing training on secure coding and other security topics. I am also a frequent speaker at industry conferences, such as OWASP and RSA.

I also lead the OWASP Israel chapter, am a community moderator onInformation Security Stack Exchange, and a volunteer high school tech teacher.

All session by Avi Douglen

Value driven threat modeling

16:15 - 16:50
Convention Hall A4

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