Opening keynote – Dude, where’s my security?

DevSecCon Tel Aviv 2018 Speaker
07 May 2018
09:30 - 10:05

Opening keynote – Dude, where’s my security?

The DevSecOps train has been travelling to the defence/public sector station for years, but lately it is starting to pull into the private sector stations. Embedding security as far left as possible is a core priority for many organisations as the realisation of balancing customer requirements and protection of their data must sit on the same carriage. Each entity has always functioned in isolation with no cross-collaboration. So why now are large companies jumping onto the DevSecOps train?

This talk will show the differences between the public/defence sectors and private sectors and what drives their DevSecOps programmes. While the requirements are driven by different objectives, the end state and outcomes are often for the same reason. What can these two sectors learn from each other? How important do people and their mindset play to make this successful. Security should never be a bolt on, an extra step, or a show stopper, but simply just another seat on the train.

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