Security Culture


14 Aug: Ep. #73, Celebrating Success

In episode 73 of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny takes a look back at some previous episodes, compiling a sequence of snippets from conversations out of different episodes of the show and our theme for this episode is celebrating success! We feature segments from our interviews with Kyle Randolph, Zach Powers, Siren Hofvander, Mike Hanley, Leif Dreizler, and Eric Ellett, who talk about how success is celebrated at Optimizely, One Medical, Cybercom, Cisco, and Segment. A common theme from our show today is the idea that a little bit of swag goes a long way! Cash rewards tend to incentivize developers to only perform for the money, whereas surprise gifts like shirts, mugs, and hoodies keep things interesting and retain more association with the success they award than money in the bank.


30 Jul: Ep. #71, Changing Culture with Nitzan Blouin

In episode 71 of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny talks to Nitzan Blouin, an Information Security Manager at Spotify, whose background combines engineering and product management. She built six QA test departments from scratch while bulletproofing big data with and mobile products. Nowadays, she’s leading Spotify’s product security team. In this episode, Nitzan digs into changing culture, something that she has managed a couple of times before in a variety of contexts.


23 Jul: Ep. #70, Transforming Comcast with DevSecOps Practices with Larry Maccherone

In episode 70 of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny talks to Larry Maccherone, an Engineer in DevSecOps Transformation at Comcast. Our conversation with Larry focuses on his experience transforming Comcast’s development team. We open by talking about Larry’s career and how he’s learned the importance of visualizing data in order to explain his research. Near the end of the episode, Larry talks about cloud tech before giving advice on taking your security to the next level. An episode filled with insights, tune in to it and learn how you can transform your dev team.