Jaap Karan Singh

Co-Founder and Chief Singh, Secure Code Warrior
DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Speaker

Jaap Karan Singh

Co-Founder and Chief Singh, Secure Code Warrior
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Jaap Karan Singh is the Co-Founder and Chief Singh of Secure Code Warrior, a global security company that makes software development better and more secure. After security testing at BAE Systems in Australia, Jaap moved from hacking web applications to educating developers on how to protect their own applications.

Jaap has delivered training on web application security concepts and run workshops at Australian financial and telecommunications organisations in Australia. He specialises in Javascript technologies such as HTML5, Node, Express and Mongo. He recently created and delivered a course on hacking and protecting modern Javascript applications at OWASP AppSec EU 2016.

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Are you a secure code warrior?

13:20 - 17:00
Workshop | Rosewood Room

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