Singapore 2018 videos

Lessons learned defending web applications in the age of DevOps/Cloud

DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Keynote by Zane Lackey

Maginot Line – 6 Common AppSec Anti-Patterns Preventing your Success

DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Talk by Peter Chestna

*AST In CI/CD – how to make it WORK!

DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Talk by Ofer Maor

Pushing left like a boss

DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Talk by Tanya Janca

From zero to DevSecOps in 60 minutes

DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Talk by Jerry Hargrove

In graph we trust: Microservices, GraphQL and security challenges

DevSecCon Singapore 2018 Talk by Imran Mohammed


Practical DevSecOps – Continuous Security in the Age of Cloud

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