Using Jira as a GraphDb and to run Security Operations

18 Oct 2018
15:20 - 17:00

Using Jira as a GraphDb and to run Security Operations

Photobox Group Security uses JIRA for everything related to Security Operations (Incidents, Vulnerabilities, Risks, OKRs, Threat Models, IT Asset Management, Org Chart, Tasks and many more). We have created dozens of workflows, link types and custom fields, which create a gigantic graph (providing an hyperlinked representation of reality). To help query and manage the data created, we export the JIRA data into the Neo4J graphDB and use VisJS to visualise the relationships between the JIRA issues. In this workshop we will use a test version of JIRA Cloud to give you hands on experience in using some of our workflows (and learn how everything fits together).

Please bring a laptop to attend this workshop.

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