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Meet our speakers

We’re excited to present the first set of speakers for DevSecCon 2016. More will follow, stay tuned.

Simon Bennetts

Zed Attack Proxy Project Leader, OWASP

Ildefonso Montero

Software Engineer, Intelliment Security

Nick Jones

Security Consultant, MWR InfoSecurity

Matt Carroll

Site Reliability Engineer, Yelp

Mike Milner

Co-Founder and CTO, IMMUNIO

Guy Podjarny

CEO & co-founder, Snyk

Stephen Sadowski

Director & Sr. Architect, ICF Olson

Madhu Akula

Automation Security Ninja, Appsecco

Akash Mahajan

Director, Appsecco

Renato Rodrigues

Application Security Architect & Designer, Blip

Justin Collins

CEO/Founder, Brakeman

Nick Drage

Security Practice Architect, HP

Jakob Holderbaum

Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Marcus Pinto

Director, MDSec

Elizabeth Lawler

CEO and Co-founder, Conjur

Fraser Scott

Senior Cloud SecOps Engineer, Capital One

Chris Dare

Application Security Specialist, JUST EAT

Colin Domoney

Sr Product Innovations Manager, Veracode

Henrique Dantas

CEO & Co-founder, Rest Secured

Alfredo Reino

Security Architect, Aebura