London 2016 Videos

DevSecCon talk and workshop recordings

DevOps, security, and compliance: Working in unison

Talk by Elizabeth Lawler

Off the shelf automation to find bugs, out the box thinking to find design flaws

Talk by Marcus Pinto

How does a traditional security team cope with a move to DevOps?

Talk by Colin Domoney

“Security patching system packages is fun!” said no-one ever

Talk by Matt Carroll

Monitoring applications and infrastructure in AWS and Azure

A talk by Alfredo Reino

Writing Secure Node Code

Talk by Guy Podjarny

Security in the wild

A talk by Renato Rodrigues

Application monitoring in the land of DevSecOps

Talk by Mike Milner

Managing shared secrets with standard unix tools

Talk by Jakob Holderbaum

Writing firewall policies in app manifests

Talk by Ildefonso Montero

Securely automating infrastructure in the Cloud

Talk by Stephen Sadowski

Epic battle: DevOps vs Security

Talk by Nick Drage and Fraser Scott

Don’t panic: Secure continuous delivery

Talk by Chris Dare

Automating OWASP ZAP

Workshop by Simon Bennetts

Static analysis for code and infrastructure

Talk by Nick Jones

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