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As promised, here is the second podcast interview conducted by Cybercroissant during the Open Security Summit 2018.

This interview features Stephanie Vanroelen (IT security specialist) and Tanya Janca (Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft), who are explaining how to get started in IT Security and where to find the right resources, mentors and other ways to get women involved in cyber security roles and events.

Stephanie Vanroelen and Tanya Janca
Stephanie Vanroelen (left) and Tanya Janca (right) at the Open Security Summit 2018

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Stephanie Vanroelen
Stephanie Vanroelen, IT Security Specialist

Currently specializing in the following IT Security fields: WEB, MOBILE, IOT and ICS(SCADA).
I have multiple years of experience as a penetration tester and as a security researcher. I have given talks at InfoSecurity Belgium and at the Cyber Retraining Academy in the UK. In addition, I also teach basic web application security at a College in Antwerp and give security related training to professionals.
In my free time, I co-organize CyberSKool and BruCON. Security is my passion.

Stephanie Van Roelen, LinkedIn

Tanya Janca
Tanya Janca, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Tanya Janca is a senior cloud advocate for Microsoft, specializing in application security; evangelizing about software security and advocating for developers through public speaking, her open source project OWASP DevSlop, and various forms of teaching via workshops, blogs and community events. As an ethical hacker, OWASP Project and Chapter Leader, software developer, effective altruist and professional computer geek of 20+ years, she is a person who is truly fascinated by the ‘science’ of computer science.

Tanya Janca, LinkedIn

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