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DSC Germany

So, what is DevSecOps actually?



July 26, 2022


12pm CEST




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About the event:

Join Christina Paule and Georgia König from Novatec Consulting Gmbh, for the July Germany chapter event on ‘So, what is DevSecOps actually?’

The demands of employees from development (Dev), IT operations (Ops) and IT security (Sec) departments are frequently at odds with each other. Managing all of these demands is a continuous challenge for everyone involved. Under the term DevSecOps numerous practices, tools, tips, tricks, etc. are gathered, which aim at managing this daily balancing act, especially in the often stressful project world. But, there are a whole range of opinions, prejudices and myths surrounding “that DevSecOps thing”, which makes getting started rather difficult. High expectations on the one hand meet contradictory definitions and marketing hype on the other. This talk aims to provide an introduction to DevSecOps with a focus on culture, technology and agile security, as well as concrete recommendations to get started via the CALMS framework. It is therefore designed for anyone who wants to learn (even) more about DevSecOps and its practical implementation.

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