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DSC Kenya

Git Actions for Android: Simplifying Development



July 4, 2024


6:30pm EAT




Questions? Join the conversation on Discord channel #devsecon-discussions-🗣

About the event:

DevSecCon Kenya is super excited to announce their July event! They will be welcoming Esther Carrelle Rangira, who will be presenting an engaging talk on “Streamlining Your Android Development Workflow with Git Actions.” In this session, we’ll explore how Git Actions can revolutionize your Android development process. You’ll learn how to automate tasks, improve code quality, and boost productivity by integrating Git Actions into your projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this talk will provide practical insights and tips to elevate your Android development game. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and network with fellow professionals!


📅4th July 2024
🕗18:30pm EAT

Esther Carrelle Rangira

Software Engineer at Teamflow

About Esther Carrelle Rangira

Esther Carrelle Rangira is a skilled Android Developer with over 3 years of experience in Kotlin and Java. She excels in creating robust mobile applications using frameworks like Jetpack Compose, consistently exceeding client expectations with her innovative solutions.

Esther’s expertise includes designing intuitive UI/UX interfaces, optimizing performance, and integrating third-party APIs. Known for her collaborative approach, she effectively works with cross-functional teams and meets project deadlines using agile methodologies.

Passionate about continuous learning, Esther stays updated with industry trends and engages in extracurricular coding projects. She is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive business success.

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