Announcing the DevSecOps Leadership Awards 2020

Our DevSecOps leadership awards program is back, and here at DevSecCon it our privilege to recognize individuals, communities, and companies that have made a significant impact to the global DevSecOps community


You may nominate yourself or someone you know in the following categories:

Inspiring DevSecOps Individual of 2020

Rewarding unique achievements by a forward-thinking individual that has contributed significantly to the industry and community.

Most effective DevSecOps Team of 2020

Rewarding teams that have made significant improvements in 2020 to improve and create a robust DevSecOps solution, transformation, or culture in their organization.

Outstanding DevSecOps Community of 2020

Rewarding the hard work and contributions made through education and community building from DevSecOps meetups, programs, and events.

For more information, visit our Awards Nomination page.


Deadline for nominations: december 31, 2020
FInalists will be notified: january 10, 2021
Winners announced: january 28, 2021 in a special online ceremony

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